Our Team

Head Creators/Presidents


Jieun Choi

Head Creator

Jieun Choi is a senior attending British International School. As an international student from Abu Dhabi, UAE, she is a budding social entrepreneur. Her mission is to lower the learning barrier of the Business world and heighten the accessibility of Entrepreneurship-education for the youth. Outside of school hours, Jieun is an avid falcon trainer and writer who is keenly interested in motorsports.


Yoonseo Ko

Head Creator

Yoonseo is a senior attending Korea International School, Jeju. With a plethora of experience leading organizations including MUN, DECA, and community-based non-profits, she is a creative action-taker. She is currently the founder of Jeju Ventures Competition, which supports students to execute business ideas and become advocates for positive change for Jeju Island. Yoonseo holds various experiences in developing her leadership and entrepreneurial mindset, such as participating in Wharton School's Leadership in the Business World program and LaunchX over the past summers. Based on her passion in business and community, Yoonseo co-founded Abcede in order to share her knowledge and provide opportunities for growing entrepreneurs around the world. She hopes to provide young students with meaningful opportunities that would build a valuable community and pursue their interests in the business field.

Marketing Department


Emma Jeong

Chief Marketing Officer

Emma Jeong is currently a senior at Korea International School, Jeju Campus. As Chief Marketing Officer, she is responsible for leading Abcede's marketing team in managing the official website and promoting the group on social media platforms by interacting with community members and building partnerships with various organizations to hold joint virtual workshops and events, among others. She is passionate about finding creative ways to solve problems and communicate with others, and advocating for causes she believes in. Emma hopes to use her experience working with graphic design, serving as director of both local and international organizations, and participating in global business competitions to help foster a positive environment where younger students all around the world can easily share ideas and interact with professionals to learn and discuss business, entrepreneurship, and all things in between.


Dongha (Anika) Kim

Associate Marketing Manager

Anika is currently a sophomore at Korea International School Jeju, and is the Associate Marketing Officer of Abcede. After living in the Philippines for three years and studying in an international school for seven years, Anika has had many opportunities to enhance her skills in designing and become interested in foreign affairs, social issues, and entrepreneurship. She is in charge of many of the posts on the Abcede official Instagram page, and is working hard to improve the quality with every given chance. Currently part of multiple organizations and clubs including MUN and Student Council, Anika wishes to help Abcede gain a vast network with the help of designs from the design team and her outgoing personality. Aside from design and outreaching, Anika is also an avid fan of traditional art, personality types, and video games such as Genshin Impact, Project Sekai, and The Sims!

Mentor Management



Mentor Management Team

Arsya is a final year IB Diploma Programme student at Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta. She has a keen in terest in politics, economics, and entrepreneurship with a strong sense of leadership and analytical skills. She is the Founder and Chief of Aryana Project - a Non-Profit O rganization aiming to support local craftsmen in Indonesia, and is also the Head of International News for the school publication. Wanting to devote her last year of high school to academics, she was once active in Model United Nations, debate tournaments, moot courts, and business competitions having multiple awards under her belt. She is also a classical pianist and tennis player with hobbies in photography and contemporary art. Though Arsya spends most of her free time reading political and economic books, on Sunday nights you could catch her in front of the TV watching Formula1 rooting for a Hamilton Win.