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Netra Venkatesh

United Arab Emirates

Netra Venkatesh is a junior at Dubai International Academy in Dubai, UAE. Being a serial entrepreneur, Netra is passionate about business with a just cause and access to education. Committed to helping advocate for gender equality in education, she founded a global student organization called SpunkGo to help run free webinars about fundamental life-skills. Co-founding two commercial ventures, Netra is experienced with in the fields of marketing, branding and communications. Being a recent Diana Award winner, Netra hopes to impact fellow youth by helping them develop a passion for business. Aside from social entrepreneurship, Netra spends her time songwriting, playing tennis and reading comics.


Khyati Gurudatta Kamath


Khyati Gurudatta Kamath is a junior attending Oakridge International School. As an international student from Hyderabad, India, she is the founder of 3 beauty and fashion brands that help out the community: Absobeauty, and Lychee.sta, Bijouxable. Khyati advocates for girls' rights and other global social issues in her local surroundings with She's the First (a non-profit organisation based in NYC) and plans to broaden the range of products offered to her consumers to socially benefit the community in larger sums. Her aim is to help students shorten their learning gaps in terms of entrepreneurship learning, and create an environment for students wherein they’re comfortable enough to share their ideas.


Hyunjun Lee

Republic of Korea

Hyunjun Lee is a junior attending Korea International School Jeju. Jun is an inspired student entrepreneur who has strengths in having a vast network and motivating people to work hard and have fun with perseverance. He has won several business competitions using the idea of telemedicine and is currently leading team members in creating Robinson, a virtual health consultation platform to guide people to learn more about their bodies and live healthier lives. As a person who learns the most by teaching others, he is excited to share his business experience and knowledge effectively by creating a collaborative learning environment.


Eva Ruemmler

United States

Hi! I’m Eva and I’m currently a senior at Saratoga High School in California. I decided to become a mentor for Abcede because I want to spread knowledge of entrepreneurship and business fundamentals to other students who are interested in building their own businesses or pursuing a career in the business field. The areas of business I am most passionate about are marketing and social entrepreneurship because I enjoy being creative and watching ideas turn into realities. I also love to teach, whether it be tutoring an elementary schooler, leading a large yearbook staff, running a financial literacy club, or mentoring in business! In my free time, I enjoy photography, graphic design, soccer, and going on boba runs with friends. I’m so excited to be a mentor for Abcede this coming year and I can’t wait to lead lessons, meet mentees, and build a community of business leaders.


Ysabella Espiritu


Ysabella is a senior attending Immaculate Conception Academy (Greenhills) in the Philippines. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she developed a passion for entrepreneurship and its elements of creativity. As she entered her junior year, she decided to take up the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand to learn the basic concepts of financial management, accounting, and corporate operations. During the summer of 2022, Ysabella took things further and applied for Babson College's Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience summer study program, where she and her group's business proposal project ended up winning third place out of 24 project entries. This experience allowed her to develop a love for social entrepreneurship. As someone who believes in the importance of self- confidence, Ysabella hopes to create a learning environment in which others develop a willingness to step out of their comfort zones by sharing her knowledge on entrepreneurship through Abcede's program.