Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the mentors and the teaching materials credible enough?
  • Yes! The mentor application process will ensure that the mentors are qualified enough to share their knowledge with the mentees. Based on the response in the application form, Abcede founders will conduct individual interviews that would confirm the applicant’s communication skills and knowledge in the assigned topic. Moreover, the teaching materials would be adapted from online resources organized by credible institutions, such as the National Business Education Association, EconEdLink, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, etc.

  • What would the mentors gain by the end of the program?
  • There will be an official certificate of completion for all the mentors who have successfully ended the program. Also, mentors would be able to build their community within Abcede and find peers with a similar interest from all over the world. Abcede would be happy to verify the mentor's community service hours as well. Please check the next response for details on recieving service hours.

  • Would mentors receive community service hours?
  • Yes! We would be glad to verify the time and effort you have put into as our mentors. If your school requires verification through a separate form or letter, let us know and we would fill it out. Unfortunately, if your school only accepts service hours completed in registered organizations, we will not be able to help you as we are not a registered nonprofit. Please check in with your school's policy and we’ll make sure to help you out as much as we can!

  • What language would the program be in?
  • English

  • How would the mentees and mentors communicate?
  • There will be a Discord server opened to Abcede mentors and mentees, where members would be able to communicate their ideas and ask questions to one another. We are planning to host community events as well, so join Abcede and be part of the global network!